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Fiberglass Panels & Skylights

CSM carries a fiberglass panels for applications from chemical plants to warehouses. Our product line includes Tuff Span Industrial Panels, Standard Fiberglass Panels, Metal Building Daylighting Panels, and Fiberglass Roof Deck. These panels are available in translucent or solid opaque colors.


TuffSpan Industrial fiberglass panels provide protection from the most extreme industrial and corrosive environments. For normal environments, consider long-lasting CSM Standard Fiberglass roof or wall panels. Metal Building Daylighting panels match standard panel profiles to meet your skylight and wall-lighting needs. Need a roof deck that can last in industrial environments? Take look at our Tuff Span Fiberglass Roof Deck.

TuffSpan Fiberglass Panels

TuffSpan Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panels are designed to provide long, maintenance- free service life in corrosive industrial environments. They meet stringent weather, corrosion, and fire-resistance requirements. Engineered resins provide a high resistance to attack from acids, alkalis, solvents, and 100% humidity. Proprietary glass reinforcements give them exceptional strength and stiffness.

Standard Fiberglass Roof/Wall Panels

CSM standard fiberglass roof and wall panels offer long-lasting protection and strength for normal industrial and commercial environments. Panels are available in opaque or translucent and can be installed on roofs, walls, or as skylights. Standard fiberglass panels are produced with more economical resins, but still provide industry-leading protection and strength. Panels are available from 8 oz/SF to 12 oz/SF and are available as fire-rated or non-fire-rated.

Metal Building Daylighting Panels

By transmitting natural light, fiberglass translucent panels provide better work conditions and reduce energy costs for industrial and commercial buildings. These 8 oz/SF skylights and day-lighting panels are ideal for assembly and fabrication plants, warehouse and port facilities, garden centers, wastewater treatment plants, and other commercial buildings.

CSM is the national distributor for Crane Metal Building Daylighting Systems. We stock a wide variety of profiles, weights, and colors ready for shipment to your jobsite. Visit Crane Metal Building Daylighting Systems for more information.

Fiberglass Roof Deck

"TuffSpan Roof Deck is a corrosive resistant FRP decking for built-up and single-ply roofing. Fiberglass roof deck is optimal when corrosive environments do not allow for concrete, wood, or metal decking. Fiberglass Roof Deck will not rust, rot, peel, or flake. This product is ideal for pulp and paper mills and chemical plants where falling deck particles may damage equipment or contaminate product."

Typical Fiberglass Trim

"Standard fiberglass trim is available to completely enclose your structure with corrosive resistant FRP. If your building needs custom flashing and trim, stainless steel trim can be fabricated as an alternate."